Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Most people have had one of those awkward undefined relationships in there life.  If you haven’t you are lucky, have really good communication skills, and aren’t afraid to ask questions and be upfront.  Good for you! Seriously! When it comes to questioning relationships I am a huge scaredy-cat.  No matter how comfortable I am with a person and how confident I am that they wont take my questions the wrong way, I still have a hard time questioning the situation.  I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.  Some people don’t like to ask questions because they are afraid of an unexpected or unpleasant answer.  I on the other hand, am afraid of looking like the “crazy girl” or the “clingy girl” with wild expectations and I am afraid of getting an answer I “want to hear,” rather than the truth. I know it sounds ridiculous but some people have a weird way of interpreting things when it comes to relationships.

News Flash: Girls like to be sure of things.  We like clearly defined lines and boundaries.  We like to know if we are on the same page.  We like to know if things are exclusive or if we are going to have to share with someone else. We like to know what we’re supposed to tell people if they ask.  We like to know what is acceptable in public.

There are so many different kinds of relationships out there that it can be very hard to tell what kind you are in.  It’s not always as simple as “single” or “in a relationship” anymore. Now things like “seeing each other” and “friends with benefits” exist.  And then there are “complicated circumstances” like careers or distance or family that keep the relationship undefined.  Are there lines and boundaries to be crossed in any of there types of relationships? What is and isn’t ok? Am I more into this than you are?  There is so much grey, its just crazy.  Some one really need to write a rule book about these things. 

Hello Summer!

Alright so I have been really bad at posting anything since I have been home.  I mean it’s summer and I’m busy living life while I have the free time.  Aside from working a lot I have been going out with friends and hanging out with my family.

Last month was really crazy when the flood hit, but we are all working together to get everything back to normal.  My uncle is still dealing with some water damage in his basement but the rest of my family and friends managed to stay safe and dry.  We have dealt with flooding before, but not nearly to this extent. Seeing our city come together to help out neighbors and strangers through effort of physical labour and donations makes me a proud citizen.  I was unable to help out with the cleanup efforts throughout the city but I did get to work an event to raise money for flood relief.  This event alone raised $25,000 for the Red Cross Flood Relief Fund.

The flood came two weeks before the 101st Calgary Stampede, and despite doubts and some negative views about letting the event go ahead, the show went on.  Along with the original theme of Stampede 101, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth also presented their “Hell or High Water” fundraiser.  T-shirts with the slogan “Hell or High Water” were made and sold online and during the ten days of  the Stampede to raise money for flood relief.  The goal of the fundraiser was to raise money, as well as the spirits of the people looking forward to the annual event.  After the flood there was no doubt the Stampede would go on, and with the help of city workers and volunteers the event went on as is had in years past.  Through T-shirt sales the “Hell or High Water” campaign raised $2.1 million for Red Cross Flood Relief. 

After helping out my city, I was able to attend the 101st Calgary Stampede. This stampede week was a little different for me as I acted as a spectator to events I had been a part of for 6 years.  The last 2 years I was part of the Stampede Showband and spent the 10 Days of Stampede performing on the grounds several times every day.  Although I was unable to participate in the band this year I was able to experience being a part of a captive audience.  I was also able to experience the thrill of the midway games and rides, as well as the Stampede night life lit up by bright lights and fireworks.  I was also able to share this new experience with a very good friend of mine.  She came out for a visit and had a taste of Stampede, which she really enjoyed. 

Now that the craziness from the flood has died down and Stampede is over, I can get back to normal everyday life.  I am also starting to get ready for school in the fall.  I have found a place to live and a great roommate.  I have also registered for my courses and its going to be a busy year.  For now I am back to work, back to relaxing with friends and back to soaking up the summer while it lasts.