Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May: Summertime and Country Music

Woohoo its May!  Spring is in full swing and summer is almost here! I have already been able to pull out my shorts a few times.  I'm in full summer prep mode this month by watching my favourite summer movie and listening to my favourite summertime music.

I watch a lot of Rom-Coms in the summer because they make me happy.  I've seen a bunch of cute movies lately.
Movies: This Means War, What's your Number, Safe Haven, Crazy Stupid Love

When summer comes around I listen to A LOT of country music.  I've finally learned to use YouTube to my advantage.  Yippy!
This is the music I have been living my life to the past few weeks.  It's all country because that what I love :)
Music: Summertime and Country Music

My Pinning this month has also been inspired by summer.  Most pins are summer outfits and hair styles as well as light summer recipes.
Check out: "i wear what i want" and "being pretty"

Thats all for this month's "Everything I like!"  I haven't had too much spare time, but thats what I filled it with.  :)

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