Thursday, 28 March 2013

Summer Goals

Alright so summer is almost here which for most people means transitioning from the school routine to the work routine.  It also means having time to relax in the sun and going to parties with your friends.  In amongst all the work and all the fun, I like to set my self summer goals.  I try to set goals that can be easily accomplished over the span of 4 months and that take up little to no extra time in my daily life.  Last year my goal was to stop biting my fingernails and keep them looking nice all the time, which was very successful.  

This year I have two goals:
(1) Keep up with the exercise I have been doing while at school
(2) Stop straitening my hair and let it grow. 

This year was my first full year in the kinesiology program.  The content for the majority of my courses focused on exercise and its importance in different aspects of life, which encouraged me to start living a more active lifestyle.  It took me a few months to find the right program for me and get into an exercise routine, that still left me with enough time and energy for my school work.  I started this process in November and I have been able to keep a solid routine for about a month and a half now.  I have learned both in class and form experience, that exercise is an excellent source of stress relief and it increases self efficacy and overall day time energy.  Exercise is also an important part in a healthy lifestyle.  In the past, my summers have consisted of very high levels of activity due to my involvement in marching showband.  This summer I will not be able to rely on the band, so the continuation of my current routine is especially important. 

My second goal will be much easier and require less effort to accomplish.  For years I have said “I am not going to straiten my hair this summer and I'm going to let it grow without killing the ends.”  This, my friends, is the year that I will FINALLY accomplish this goal.  This year is different from past summer because I will be working.  I wont need to have sleek, strait, performance ready hair, thus reducing the need to kill it with my straitener.  This is an easy goal that will take little time and effort to accomplish.  I will just have to be patient.

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