Monday, 25 March 2013

My Roommate is Writing a Book

My roommate is writing a book.  This girl is a second year English major and she has already immersed herself in writing her first book.  She is all about adventure, people in hiding and love triangles.  Her overactive imagination and bad ass dreams, mixed with the stories and books she has read throughout her life have given her the ability to something I could only ever dream of.  Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, the Chaos Walking Series, and the Studio Ghibli films she watched as a child have inspired her imagination and passion for writing.

The dedication and time spent in the creation and adaptation of the story is incredible.  In the past 6 months she has managed to spit out 9 completed chapters and has notes and plans for at least 10 more. I can depend on her to be in her room writing every night after about 10 pm and some times she will stay up until 5 am getting lost among her ideas.  She has characters with detailed back stories, and a whole new land.  She has notebooks full of notes on characters and their relationships and drawings of settings, clothes and a map of a whole new land.  Like any good adventure story her characters have culture and segregation, social classes, a best friend vs. the “mysterious new guy” love triangle and a journey to claim what is rightfully hers. 
In the process of writing this book she has also started planning for 4 additional books that will include some of her favourite characters.
 I have read the prologue, the first chapter and little snippets through the writing process and I am excited to read the finished product.
To read her first chapter “Red Dream” follow the link!  You wont regret it! I promise!

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